Headphone Guide: The 5 best in-ear headphones available today

If conventional headphones were still the norm a few years ago, they were gradually replaced by in-ear models. Providing better insulation and better fit in the ear, these headphones can be a good alternative to on-ear headphones, for wearers of glasses, hats or simply those not wishing to encumber themselves with an overly large headset. In this article we will be counting down the 5 best in-ear headphones that you can buy today.

1. Bose QuietComfort 20

Stunning headphones, combining the insulation of the in-ear with an active noise reduction system and Bluetooth. Not only are these headphones as effective as a large noise reduction headset, but it is possible to control the level of filtering with the built-in buttons to allow or block certain ambient noise. The electronics and the battery (which offers a battery life of 10 hours) are concealed in a light and comfortable neck. The earphones, made of silicone, are hardly felt on the ear canal. As for the sound, it is distinguished by generous bass and a good precision in the mediums. One let down by the QuietComfort 30 is that once the battery is drained it is impossible to continue listening to music due to lack of audio cable connector.


2. Great value for money: ZNC Original Xiaomi Hybrid

At a very low price, you do not necessarily have everything you dream of. On the other hand the ZNC Original Xiaomi delivers good comfort, a robust design, clear and intelligible voices and a nice power with a very low distortion rate – These are now priced at £24.99 from Amazon.

3. JAYS T00103 q-JAYS

the q-JAYS deliver a perfect sound performance. The stereophonic rendering is well reproduced and the separation of the instruments is very easy to distinguish. In addition, the q-Jays offer excellent sound precision.

4. For the Pros: Westone UM Pro 50

Westone earphones are high-end models, often designed for musicians and sound professionals. Among them, the UM Pro 50, designed for professionals on stage, will nevertheless please all those in search of comfort, precision, insulation and power.

5. Sony MDR-EX650AP

Elected earphones of the year in their respective price range by WhatHifi you will have the right to a big sound in very classy brass case. The Sony MDR-EX650AP  also come with a cable thick enough to give it a reassuring robustness.