Albacross Review: B2B Lead Generation Tool

Would you like to find out who is visiting your website? Albacross is a web-based B2B lead generation network that allows you to get extra information on the companies visiting your website. Albacross is a powerful tool that your marketing and sales teams can utilize to support your lead generation activities.

Particularly suited for B2B users, Albacross fully integrates with Zapier which in turn gives you access to thousands of apps. In this way, you can effortlessly send your high-quality leads to outreach tools, CRM systems, etc.

On average, only around 2% of website visitors are giving out their contact details. Tools like Albacross allow you to identify particular information about those prospects which you can then use as the cornerstone of your lead nurturing processes.

Albacross sign-up

So, let’s dive deeper and see how this lead generation platform works and what benefits it offers to its users.

Calculate your prospects with lead estimator

Do you want to know how many leads you are missing out on? Try Albacross’s lead estimator tool to find out. You don’t need to be registered to try it. Just enter your website address into the provided field and wait for the results. It calculates the average amount of potential leads your business might be missing out on.

You’ve signed up now what?

Albacross’s search tool

Once you’re in, the quickest option you have at your disposal is Albacross’s search tool, which enables you to conduct a direct search right away. All you have to do is to type in your keyword relevant to your industry into the search box. You’ll be provided with a list of companies from all over the world which you might want to target. What’s more is that this compiled list can be filtered according to your preferences.

Tracking and monitoring the leads

This option requires some time to be activated since Albacross needs a couple of days to capture data from your site and to fill your dashboard with ripe leads. However, as soon as this initial process is over, you’ll receive the latest updates to your lead list.

Albacross provides its users with a detailed overview of each lead which contains such data as a complete latest website activity including visit time, its duration, etc., company size, its revenue, location, and contact details of the company’s leaders.

Account-based marketing solution
Account-based marketing solution

Apart from the features above, Albacross comes with an account-based marketing solution.  It allows users to buy and display advertisements targeted only to the specific companies they’re interested in.

It’s rather simple to use and lets you set your budget per day, scheduled for any time duration and set the start date. Just a few clicks and your campaign is launched.

Albacross allows you to set your daily budget easily

How much does Albacross cost?

Albacross comes with a 14-days free trial. Just register your account and you’ll see what companies have visited your website, which pages they’ve been at, where they spent the most time, etc. They also have a great selection of plans to fit the needs of different types of businesses. Albacross’s pricing plans:

  • Premium – €99 per month and €79 per month if paid annually;
  • Business – €299 per month and €249 per month if paid annually;
  • Enterprise on demand depending on your needs.

Let’s sum up

Lead generation is crucial for all kinds of businesses. And what’s more, it has to be efficient, because until you can generate high-quality leads, you can’t increase your B2B sales and take your business to the next level. Thus, if you’re looking to expand your business relationships and sales targets, then you should definitely give Albacross a try.