Amazon Echo vs Google Home: which is better for your home?

Virtual personal assistants are attracting more and more consumers. We offer a comparison between two important players: Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Sound Quality

Google Home offers better sound than Amazon Echo. A more enveloping and richer sound. Google Home has also caught up with Amazon Echo when it comes to the Bluetooth service, which allows users to listen to all the sound from their smartphone or tablet.


Google Home is relatively more discreet, lighter and more convenient than Amazon Echo. The minimalist design of Google Home in the form of a candle, available in several colors, offers a more intuitive user interface than the Amazon Echo.

Voice Assistant

The two connected speakers from Amazon Echo and Google Home easily accept voice commands at a distance of 50 feet. Activation is simple for both devices by pronouncing “Amazon” for Echo and “Ok Google” for Google Home.

Google Home is, however, more interactive with users than Amazon: Home asks questions and offers additional information related to the user’s request. Echo, equipped with the Bing search engine, is less efficient in searches on the web than Home, which uses the Google search engine.


Amazon Echo

Google Home is one step ahead of Echo in integrating TV content with its Chromecast and compatibility with many streaming services, including HBO.

Amazon Echo however, supports more home automation devices (heating, air conditioner, refrigerator …) than Google Home. Google is working hard to catch up.


Amazon Echo is currently priced at £149.99 and can be ordered on the Amazon website, whilst Google Home is slightly cheaper at £129.


Images: ©Google & ©Amazon