Android Oreo 8.1: Google to call out apps that drain your phone battery

In a time where smartphones have become so advanced that they are almost rendering computers obsolete, there still lies a fundamental issue with them  the battery life. Google has been trying to solve just that, and two weeks ago they released the first Developer Preview of Android Oreo 8.1. This brings a whole host of enhancements to the Operating System (OS).

The key highlight of these improvements is the built in battery manager, which can help users identify which apps are draining their battery the most.

How does Oreo 8.1 help you identify which App is the most battery consuming?

In previous versions of Android, you have been able to see how much battery any given app is consuming. However, the new Oreo OS goes beyond just that by highlighting which app is actually killing off your battery. Have a look below, we see that the ‘Maps Preview’ app is clearly a red flag.


Now, by clicking on the offending app, you will be offered a solution on how you can sort this out. In this case the OS is suggesting to turn off location services when the app is not in use.


These new features seen on the developer preview of Oreo 8.1 don’t promise to solve the ever lasting battery issues with smartphones, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction and Android users will welcome it with open arms.

Will we see this on the final version?

As the the details and release date of Oreo 8.1 for the general public haven’t yet been announced, it’s still unclear whether the new battery optimization improvements will make it to the final version. However, this has been getting such positive feedback from users testing it on the beta version, so lets hope Google listen and pull this one out the bag.

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