Bitcoin reaches record levels at over $1000

The cryptocurrency saw its course climb above $1,000 on January 1 and is now continuing its momentum. Its value is around 1020 dollars according to Coindesk on this Tuesday 3rd of January. It took three years before the bitcoin returned to this record level. In November 2013, its value had temporarily exceeded 1,000 dollars.

Bitcoin allows secure, anonymous and fast movements of funds around the world. For greater transparency, their validation is ensured by all the actors of the same chain, and not by a single central authority. This currency meets the needs of internet users who are defying themselves against central banks and governments and their control over the exchange rate.

Moreover, in three years, the bitcoin has gained legitimacy. The Bitcoin network, on which the currency is based, gradually acquires efficient and secure payment systems. Banks and large players in the industry are guided by this process to ensure the security of their transactions and move towards a more transparent model.

In the coming months, the price of this currency could continue to rise. Some analysts, including Vinny Lingham, are considering a bitcoin could be valued at $ 3,000 by 2018.