Fallout 76: release date, beta, fast travel, PvP and pre-order

Fallout 76 is the type of game that’s controversial through its nature. Taking a single player game and making it online requires a lot of work and creativity from the developers. But it can totally pay off as long as everything works the way it should. In the case of Fallout 76, there’s a lot of content, different gameplay modes and features that all need to work properly in a multiplayer environment.

When does the beta start?

The Fallout 76 beta starts on October 23rd on Xbox One and one week later for PC and PS4. The full game will be released on November 14th. As you can imagine, this is mostly a stress test for the servers, because the launch date is less than 3 weeks away form the beta.

Will Fallout 76 have a story mode?

Despite the fact that Fallout 76 is multiplayer focused, it does have a single player mode with an open world where you’re able to explore, complete quests and level up. You can easily perform crafting if you want, there are options to create consumables, armor, weapons and so on. If you create recipes you will be able to trade them with other people.

Is this a survival game? What about progression?

Fallout 76 will have a survival element. You can create a base via CAMP in which you have a blueprint to move the CAMP anywhere you want. You will progress through XP and you can use things like perk cards in order to gain new attributes. In order to keep the game fair for everyone, the amount of perk cards per player are limited.

Is there a PvP (Player versus player) mode?

There are various places for PvP, but most of the game will be PvE (player versus environment). This means you pretty much have the best of both worlds. Bethesda Game Studios confirmed that players will be able to opt in or out of PvE and PvP modes as they wish. We still don’t know much about how the PvP mode will work, however, we do know that being killed in PvP will not affect the players progress, and they will get to keep their weapons.

Can you fast travel?

You can fast travel when you’re being attacked by someone you don’t want to engage with (eg, they’re trying to murder you). once you’ve willing engaged in a PvP fight, the other player is now treated like any other enemy. you can’t fast travel when there are enemies nearby

The size of Fallout 76’s map is very large, which is why a lot of people were asking about fast travel. Pete Hines, SVP at Bethesda confirmed in a recent tweet that fast travel will be part of the game, however, you can only fast travel if you’re not engaged in a fight with an enemy.

Are there microtransactions?

Fallout 76 does have microtransactions. But they are only cosmetics, so nothing that will impact the game hugely. Bethesda Game Studios stated that Fallout 76 cosmetics can also be acquired via gameplay. However, it could take a long time.

Fallout 76 is set to be an epic and exciting online multiplayer game. There’s a lot of content to look forward to and Bethesda confirmed in a recent interview that it aims to continue supporting the game post launch “for years” with new content and updates. Fallout 76 will be released on November 14th, three weeks after the initial beta which will be available on October 23 for Xbox One, and on October 30th for PS4 and PC.

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