FotoJet Review: The Perfect Online Photo Editor?

In a time where social media, blogging and online content has become part of our daily lives, photos play a vital role in all three. Weather you are an online editor or just a social guru you will wan’t an easy way to edit your pictures without too much hassle. This is where FotoJet comes in as it proposes an online solution that will allow you to do just that.

What is FotoJet?


FotoJet is an online graphic design tool that packs three main functionalities into one lightweight service; graphic design, photo collage and photo editing. On first impressions I found the user interface very easy to use as the options are clearly labelled with three tabs (Design, Collage, Edit). What will attract most users to FotoJet is that it’s absolutely free to get started and you don’t even need an account to access basic features.


FotoJet Design

Under the design tab FotoJet has many options to get you started immediately, the ones that will interest most are poster, magazine cover, YouTube Channel Art, Facebook Cover, Twitter Header, Instagram Post and Facebook Ad.

For this test lets explore the Facebook Cover option. I was able to create a cover in less then 10 minutes by using an existing template and customising it further. See the result below…

Facebook Cover

I found the template very easy to customise as I uploaded my own logo and was able to edit/position the text seamlessly. I was then able to save the image to my computer instantly, additionally I had the option to share the image instantly on various social media platforms which I think will be useful for many users. However I would of liked the ability to post directly to Instagram especially if i decided to use the Instagram post template.


FotoJet Collage Mode

Fotojet’s collage mode gives you a large variety of different templates, pictures, backgrounds and special effects. One layout that a lot of users will find useful is the ‘Photo Card’ which will allow you to create cards for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

However, a feature that really stood out for me is the ‘Photo Grid’ as this can really be useful to me as a blogger by allowing me to create preview images for articles specially when reviewing multiple products in one post. I tested this feature below…

FotoJet Collage
Created using FotoJet’s Collage mode

Creating this collage was very straightforward, I selected a grid then I simply dragged the images into place and I also had the ability to position the images to make sure the important elements where visible.


FotoJet Edit

I was surprised with FotoJet’s Photo Editor as it packs so many options into a web app. It has everything that any blogger or online editor would need including manual colour adjustments, brightness, contrast, cropping feature, text overlays and the ability to resize images.

You also get some cool effects/filters that can be applied to instantly transform your images if you don’t want to use the manual options.

However to access more advanced features such as image sharpness, noise reduction and auto focus you will need to sign up for a premium account.

Final Verdict on FotoJet

What I liked most about FotoJet is the user interface, it’s so simple and clear that you won’t waste any time trying to figure out all the options. It’s great for creating social media pictures and gives you enough photo editing options for most cases. Sure it won’t replace your photoshop however it’s a great option for when your on the move or using a different laptop.

A few things I would love to see from FotoJet in the future is a non flash version and the ability to support portable devices such as tablets. That would be awesome!