Google Chrome set to launch on Daydream VR headsets

Google Chrome has come a long way since its release in 2008. The browser from Google , with 59.68% market share, has edged out other competitors to become the most sought-after browser in the world. On July 30, 2018, Google took it a step further by announcing Chrome’s availability on its Daydream VR Platform.

The Daydream Virtual Reality platform is presently used by Google’s own Daydream view VR Headset and Lenovo mirage Solo. Chrome has been available for users of its Headset and Oculus Rift VR Headset on a test basis and through Chrome’s mobile android app. However, with this announcement, users of Daydream Supporting Headsets can now enjoy the benefits of a fully functional chrome browser.

Is Chrome VR version different from others?

Daydream VR Google Chrome

The Virtual Reality Chrome has the same features as the desktop and app versions. The features are however upped with an added `Cinema Mode’ to optimize users’ experience for VR viewing. In addition, The VR version isn’t the traditional Chrome as it is developed for WebVR standard.

How Do Previous users of Daydream view VR Headset and Lenovo Mirage Solo access the new Chrome?

Previous users of the platform only need to update to the latest version of Chrome on their android to be able to launch the full-fledged Chrome.

Benefits of Chrome VR version

The release of chrome for VR headsets has opened up some benefits that were previously unavailable.

Privacy: This release has taken the definition of browsing privacy to another level. No longer do web users have to go into an enclosed room to access sites that are certain to draw other’s reproach. Surfing the web with only the lenses as barriers, users can immerse themselves in their own world without fear of disapproval.

Comfort: To access full browsing features, VR users have to switch to their desktops or smartphones. This is no longer necessary. The VR Chrome has similar features as others with an added Cinema mode, rendering other platforms’ chrome irrelevant.

The availability of Chrome on Daydream VR Headset and the recent YouTube Samsung Gear VR announcement indicates that Google is leading the way in VR innovation.

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