Google Environmental Insights Explorer estimates emissions

Google’s new Environmental Insights Explorer is an effective tool for measuring emissions in cities. This system relies on Google Maps to estimate emissions emitted from transportations and buildings.

Currently, the Environmental Insights Explorer is limited to only a few cities. These include 25 cities in North America, 6 in Europe, 5 in South America, only one in Asia, and one in Oceania. Other cities are expected to jump on board soon.

Google Environmental Insights Explorer cities
Cities available to date

The current data already allows emissions to be compared. For example, Mountain View, the city in which Google has its headquarters, emits 877,000 tonnes of CO2 per year (buildings and transportation). In comparison, Victoria (Canada) emits only 408,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In addition, Google has also equipped Street View cars with air pollution sensors. An effective way to measure air quality both in urban and rural areas.

Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer envisions positive change

By surfacing environmental information in a robust platform, we serve decision makers and solution providers, and foster new research into climate issues and solutions for cities globally.


In addition to providing greenhouse emission data, Google’s new tool has also estimated the rooftop solar potential and climate forecasts. The tech-giant hopes that this data would be carefully studied by experts and used to make informed decisions for a cleaner future.

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