Google I/O 2017: Most important announcements by Google

Google I/O 2017 was an opportunity for the Mountain View firm to showcase the progress of its projects and the upcoming innovations. On the program, the preview of Android O, Google Assistant, virtual reality, Android Go, Google Photos and much more.

Google Lens for Visual and Intelligent Recognition


First, it’s a new application that has been presented to us: Google Lens. This will replace Google’s traditional Goggles by using your smartphone’s camera to recognise everyday objects.

Google Assistant will now support image recognition with Google Lens. Thus, the artificial intelligence of Google will be able to recognise many objects. For example, Google assistant will scan your Wi-Fi access label for easy connection to your network, translate real-time text and get information about it.

Google Home V2


Google Home also brings new content, with the option of accessing SoundCloud, Deezer or the free version of Spotify. The hands-free control also allows you to listen to music or watch a movie with Chromecast on your TV.

Youtube: 360 videos on Smart TV’s

YouTube is trying to expand it’s audience as 360-degree videos on YouTube can now be viewed from an Android TV, via Sony televisions or an Xbox.

Google Photos evolves


Thanks to Google’s Suggest Sharing service, you will be able to share your photos directly with your friends and family using automatic shared libraries that allow you to create albums with your loved ones, with only photos of the people involved. You can also print your photo books with the printing service made by Google.

Android Go

In order to attract more users, Google launches Android Go. This is a light version of the Android operating system and is optimised to work with smartphones with less processing power. Its release is scheduled for 2018.

Android O Developer Preview 2

Android O is the next version of Google’s smartphone operating system. The public beta of Android O is now available. This brings a lot of new features, the main one is the Picture-in-Picture which allows you to keep an application in windowed mode in order to enjoy several contents at the same time. Ideal for keeping a YouTube, Netflix or video chat in the foreground while taking notes next to it.

Images © Google