Google and LG Release Two Smartwatches With Android Wear 2.0

LG and Google, two of the biggest brands in the planet, have come together to stamp their respected authorities within the technology world and to make a statement for Android Wear 2.0. To do this, they have decided to create not one, but two smartwatches. The LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style.

LG Watch Sport
LG Watch Sport

They created two smartwatches because each will have different purposes. The LG Watch Sport for instance is ideal for those who have or are trying to have an active lifestyle. It has built-in GPS Sensors, Accelerometer, Barometer and Gyroscope for workout and destination purposes. In addition, LG Watch Sport also contains NFC, 3G and 4G LTE connectivity for Android Pay. It has a larger RAM in comparison to the LG Watch Style with the Sport having 768MB, and with it being powered by a 430mAh battery. Resolution wise, it has 1.38-inch 480×480 display. This is a larger and higher resolution compared with what the Style has. It also comes in two colours, Titanium and Dark Blue.

LG Watch Style
LG Watch Style

For the LG Watch Style, the focus of this smartwatch is to make a fashion statement. Thus, it comes in a much thinner case than the Sport, along with three colours (Titanium, Rose Gold and Silver). Each three colours are sported with genuine leather straps to make it more of a fashionable look. Due to its main purpose, LG Watch Style does not contain some of the specs and features the LG Watch Sport has. Bear in mind this was already expected since Style is the more affordable than Sport.

Regardless of their differences in purpose, both smartwatches have rounded P-OLED displays, storage of 4GB, Bluetooth and wireless charging support, WiFi, and 1.1GHz Snapdragon Wear 2100. In addition, both are also dust-proof and waterproof, and come with Google Assistant Support.


More importantly, these are the only two smartwatches to currently have Android Wear 2.0. These smartwatches were officially launched this week and if you live in the US you can now order it from the Google Store. For those of us living in Europe we have to wait until later on this year (Probably Spring time).

As for the price, LG Watch Sport costs $349, however, the Titanium version appeared to have sold out. The sleeker LG Watch Style are valued at $249 ($279 for the Rose Gold colour option).


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