Hello Apple, I can’t answer calls on my iPhone X!

Several iPhone X users have complained about a glitch that is preventing them from answering their phone. In other words they can’t use their £1000 device as a phone!

First reported by the Financial Times, the problem concerns only a small number of users, but it is particularly troublesome. Users actually hear their phone ring or vibrate, but the screen display is delayed for up to 10 seconds, preventing them from answering the call.

Apple has confirmed that it is aware of this bug and announced that an investigation into the subject was launched. The problem seems to be related to the iOS 11 update, since the release, Apple had to deal with several bugs. The vast majority were quickly repaired through patches and updates. But some still persist.

To avoid such problems with the next update, iOS 12, which should be announced next June for a release in September, Apple have decided to focus on the stability and fluidity of its applications. According to information from Bloomberg, the company could push back on some new software features to solve the current problems. Apple had already opted for a similar strategy with the Snow Leopard version on the macOS In 2009, this update did not bring new features, but offered significant improvements in stability.


Image © Apple