Highlights from Samsung Unpacked and Galaxy Note 9 Unveiled

In an event tagged ‘Samsung Unpacked’ that took place in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday, 9th of August 2018, some of the most recent and upcoming products of Samsung were unveiled. The showstopper was the unveiling of the highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 9, which will be released on August 24.

From the amazing power and beauty of the Samsung Galaxy Watch to the Note 9, Samsung made it known to the world that they would stop at nothing to dominate the world of technology. We roundup the highlights from the Samsung Unpacked event.

Smart Watch and Health Tracker


The Samsung Galaxy smart watch focuses on keeping the body fit. It monitors the heart rate and gives tips to make it normal if it changes. By learning from your pattern of usage, the Samsung Galaxy watch can give you recommendations whenever it detects high-stress levels. It will be available in two sizes and three colours. This watch runs on Tizen OS and can last for days on one charge. It runs on an AI called Bixby making it contextual and conversational.

Samsung Galaxy Home


The Samsung galaxy home is a huge, elegant looking Bixby-enabled speaker with a perplexing design. This device marks Samsung’s entry into the high-end smart speaker market with a goal to compete with Apple’s HomePod. It surely doesn’t look like a speaker hence had become the talk of many. It comes with 8 far-field microphones to make it easy to catch your voice from every corner of your room.

The Galaxy Note 9

Alongside the smart watch and Galaxy Home was the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9.  This was the highlight of the event and rumours have it that it can easily outshine Apple’s iPhone XI.



The Galaxy Note 9 will have 4 new colour finishes – Metallic black, Ocean Blue, Lavender Purple and Metallic Copper.


Samsung Note 9 comes in two memory Variant – A Galaxy Note 9 with 6G RAM and 128GB internal storage, and an 8GB RAM with 512GB internal storage. The memory can further be expanded to 1TB.

Durable Battery life

With a non-removable Li-ion 4000mah battery, this outstanding device has a durable battery life. This makes it possible for users to enjoy it for a longer time on one charge.

An Amazing big screen

The new Samsung Galaxy note 9 has an amazingly huge screen. With a bright 6.4 inches super AMOLED display, you do not have to worry about sunlight. It was designed in a way that allows it to respond to its environment. So regardless of how bright or dim the environment is, you can use your device with ease.

The S pen shortcuts


The S pen gives you a whole level of fun-filled user experience. You can conveniently carry out some functions which you could have found challenging on other devices. It allows you to append signatures on your documents.  It features a Bluetooth support that works like a remote control. You can record videos as well as take amazing selfies. Having a battery of its own, you can get this pen charged in a minute.

Samsung + Spotify

With the partnership between Samsung and Spotify, you can play music across all Samsung appliances with a single tap of your smartphone. With the statement from Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek:

In the future, we expect deeply integrated Spotify experiences on Samsung devices

we can expect more collaboration between Samsung and Spotify.

Samsung Dex

First used on  the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices, Samsung DeX extends the functions of the smartphones to Desktop. Now, with a single HDMI connection to the TV or Monitor, the Samsung DeX will also run on the Note 9 and Tab S4. Both devices can be used as touchpads or function normally even with DeX connected.

Flaw Detection Technology

Samsung Note 9 camera comes with a flaw detection technology that alerts you if anything is off in taking a perfect image.  The camera also has a scene optimization feature.

Water resistant not water proof

The galaxy note 9 is a water resistant device. But not absolutely water resistant. You surely do not want to throw it into a water body but in a situation that it comes in contact with water, no need to panic.

The Prices

Galaxy Note 9 128 GB variant – £899

Galaxy Note 9 512 GB variant – £1099

Galaxy Watch – £329

It is noteworthy to mention that the Galaxy Note 9 price is similar to Apple’s iPhone X. So given the similar price, who wins? The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Apple iPhone X?