iCar or Project Titan: Apple’s Future to include driverless cars?

Apple confirms its ambitions in the field of driverless cars through a letter addressed to the Federal Road Safety Agency (NHTSA). We know that Google for example, has been working on a driverless car for a while now. For Apple, despite rumours, things were not so clear. They are now as Apple have confirmed that the iCar (rumoured to be called that) is definitely in their sight.

Steve Kenner, Group Director at Apple has stated the following in the letter:

investing heavily in machine learning and automation.

looks forward to collaborating with other stakeholders to define the specific data that should be shared.

What’s Project Titan?

Apple iCar Concept
Apple iCar Concept

Over the past two years, many recurring rumours have reported the “Project Titan”, an autonomous car signed by the Apple brand. Tim Cook, the big boss of the group never confirmed the existence of such a program. This means it’s not yet clear if Apple will be releasing their own self-driving car (iCar) or if they are just going to develop technologies to allow vehicles to drive independently.

However there has been reports that Apple plans to open a car lab in Berlin, which would consist of 15 to 20 researchers specialising in automotive innovation, according to revelations from Frankfurter Allgemeine revelations in April 2016. the German newspaper claims that Apple will use this laboratory to attract the talents of German industry.