iPhone 9, iPhone X Plus, iPhone 11: Everything we know

Tech giants, Apple, are to release the latest iPhone models soon. Everyone, from competitors to fans, is already joining the rumour mill, giving rise to various speculations. The air around the launch of Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphones is that of confusion mixed with a bit of frenzy. And everyone is in the dark about the name, the size and everything else.

We bring you the latest rumours and speculation about the upcomimng 2018 iPhones.

How many iPhones will Apple Release?

In February, Bloomberg reported that Apple is preparing to release three smartphones.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple will release a super large iPhone with a 6.5-inch screen size model. If released, it would make it their biggest phone to date.

In addition, an upgraded version of the current iPhone X, with a 5.8-inch size and an inexpensive 6.1-inch size model are scheduled for release.

iPhone 2018 leak
Photo posted on Slashleaks by Mikelagore. User claims: “actual photo of 2018 Apple iPhone 9/X (6.1-inch)”

Announcement and Release Date

What we are almost certain of is the month of release. For the past six years, iPhone announcements have been made not later than the second week of September, and on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The release is usually a week after. This gives a number of possible dates for the announcement; Tuesday, September 4; Wednesday, Sept 5; Tuesday, Sept 11 and Wednesday, Sept 12. Going by the trend, it’s likely to be released on Sept 12!

iPhone X plus, iPhone XI, iPhone 9 or …?

Following on from iPhone X (pronounced ten), possible names could be iPhone X plus, iPhone XI (Eleven), iPhone XS. Or will Apple call it the iPhone 9? However, that is unlikely, as the number sequence was jumped from 8 to X (ten).


Rumours are also rife about whether LED screens or OLED screens will be used for the iPhones. Speculations from different quarters have it that Apple will release two iPhones with an OLED screen, and one with a LED screen. The LED screen is relatively cheaper compared to the OLED version.

Given how iPhone X underperformed in the market, we can safely conclude that Apple will try to improve sales by releasing a LED version.

Delay in the LED iPhone Version

Those who run on a budget might have to wait longer than usual to get an iPhone.  This projection is coming off the back of a statement by Morgan Stanley’s analyst, Katy Huberty who said the LED version might not be released until October.

According to her, there are suspected issues with the LED backlight leakage, which has caused a one month delay in mass production.

iPhone that Folds?

Samsung has filed for a multifold technology patent, and according to rumours, the device is ready for release this year.  So why not a foldable iPhone? this, however, will certainly mean an increase in price, and given the lacklustre demand for the iPhone X, Apple might be unwilling to risk it.

Slower iPhones?

Previous iPhones run on Qualcomm chips. However, it is believed that newer versions starting from the releases this year will run on Intel chips.  Qualcomm’s financial chief George Davis made a statement in this regard.

We believe Apple intends to solely use our competitors’ modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release. We will continue to provide modems for Apple legacy devices

According to test, Qualcomm chips are faster than Intel chips at downloading data.  So, will the new iPhones have slower speeds compared to previous versions? Well, in September, we shall know!

iPhones With Three Rear Cameras?

Kim Dong-won, an analyst with investment firm, KB Securities based in South Korea revealed that one of the iPhones would have three rear cameras. What do we expect from three rear cameras? A three-lens camera is certain to improve picture quality, especially in a dim environment.

End of the line for Touch ID?

Credit: Marco Verch

The release of the latest models might see an end to Touch ID. According to former Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is set to replace fingerprint sensors with Face ID on all versions of it’s new Iphone.

Other Features

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple is considering a gold colour option for the large version and the iPhone X upgrade. Apple is also considering releasing a dual- sim card option for the larger model.

Bloomberg also reported that the smartphones will all be running the new iOS 12.


Neil Cybert, an Apple analyst at Above Avalon gave some price predictions for the iPhones.

  • The Super Large iPhone for $1,199
  • The upgraded iPhone for $999
  • The cheaper iPhone for $849

The super large model at $1,199 is $199 higher than the current iPhone X. That’s understandable given the large screen size. But will the price affect sales given how the current iPhone X sold below expectations? With just a month to go, we can only wait and see!

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