Mac 101: How to enable right click on a Macbook

If you just bought a Macbook you will soon realise that you can’t right click. By default you have to hold crtl and Click on the Trackpad to show the right click menu. However, this won’t be convenient for most people, so here’s how to enable right click on a Macbook.

1. Click the Apple logo on the top right.
2. Then click on System Preferences.


3. Click on Trackpad as highlited below.


4. Next make sure ‘Secondary click‘ is ticked.

5. Finally, click on the dropdown next to ‘Secondary click‘ to select your prefered method, in most cases you will pick ‘Click in the bottom right corner‘ specially if you’re an ex Widows user.


A lot of Macbook users also prefer to user the first option ‘tap with two fingers‘, personally this is my preferred method as well.

It’s that simple really, you can now click away!