Microsoft Cloud Shell: a lighter version of Windows 10 for all devices

In order offer its operating system on more devices, especially those equipped with an ARM processor, Microsoft is working on a lighter version of Windows 10.

Microsoft introduces Cloud Shell..

Windows 10 is a great operating system for PC, it showed immediate success, especially thanks to its one year free period. However, it is not necessarily adapted to the most modern devices. For that reason, Microsoft are working on a lighter version, called ‘Cloud Shell’ which will adapt to all types of devices including smartphones, tablets, consoles and large touchscreen PC’s.

Cloud Shell will be well suited to devices with processors that are less powerful than x86, similar to what we have already seen with the Chrome OS.


According to various sources only the core of the system (Cloud Shell) would be installed on the machine, other features would be available in Microsoft’s cloud platform know as Microsoft Azure. This will save space and resources allowing the OS to be lightweight.

To use the Cloud Shell OS, a permanent Internet connection is required and Microsoft might propose a type of subscription to ensure consistent usage.

When is the Release Date?

According to information leaked from Petri we should see Cloud Shell later on this year, however at the moment Microsoft has not set a release date for it’s future OS. It will probably be necessary to wait until the next Microsoft Build Conference to receive an official announcement. The event will take place at the beginning of May 2017.

Teaser Image: © Microsoft