Mission E Cross Turismo: electric car by Porsche charges in 15 minutes

Introduced in September 2015 as a concept, the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is expected to be commercialized in 2019. Stefan Weckbach, head of the battery electric vehicle division at Porsche, gave some additional information about the project at the Geneva Motor Show 2018.

First of all, it is confirmed that the final version of Mission E will be aesthetically very close to the concept. The only difference is the addition of exterior mirrors in place of the camera system, which will not be approved. In terms of performance, Porsche promises not only power, with 600 horsepower (440 kW) delivered by two electric motors, but also consistency.


Unlike the Tesla S, the Mission E Cross Turismo will be able to run at full speed for “long periods” and multiply accelerations without a pause phase to cool the system.

The driving promises to maintain the typical sports character of the Stuttgart brand thanks to a very low center of gravity, measuring only 1.3 meters in height.

Porsche claims that the E Cross will have a range of 500 km and a very short charging time thanks to a supply voltage of 800 volts. 15 minutes will be enough to restore 80% of the autonomy.

Image © Porsche