Need for Speed Payback: the racing series is coming back!

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games (Need For Speed) must present their new Need For Speed ​​at the E3 2017. It is on November 10th that we will have the opportunity to discover Need For Speed ​​Payback.


In this new game, expect epic police pursuits with very advanced cinematic and new exciting missions. In short, a brand new Need for Speed! In the long awaited series, advanced customisation, authentic automotive culture, open world and captivating scenarios are the ingredients of Need for Speed Payback. Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson said the following:

We wanted to make a game where people can jump in a car, drift, or play how they want in a really cool, modified car, and if you look at realistic games, they’re just not like that. This game is all about flexibility and the unique experience it’s delivering, the way we have the customisable models, etc. People can set up their car the way they want, and that will end up attracting players.

The Gameplay


In Need for Speed Payback each player is invited to delve into an experience rooted in today’s urban automotive culture, which particularly highlights current (and future) trends in the automotive world. The team worked closely with Speedhunters on every game element, whether it’s the list of cars or the smallest accessory, in order to make Need for Speed ​​the game that proposes customisations that are realistic.

With the Five Ways of Playing (Speed, Style, Customization, Crew and Outlaws), the player has a new type of gameplay that lets you navigate through five stories built around five real icons from the Automobile world. These icons (Magnus Walker, Ken Block, Nakai-san, Risky Devil and Morohoshi-san), the true stars of today’s urban automotive culture, have inspired these stories by expressing their passion. Earn their respect and build the reputation that will allow you to become the supreme icon.

The Story line


Need for Speed Payback will allow you to embody three distinct characters who will all be driven by the same desire for vengeance against “The Clan”, a cartel that controls casinos, criminals but also the police of the city. The names of these heroes? We have the choice between the Tyler, the Racer; Mac, the Showman; and Jess, the Wheelman who will aim to win the respect of the underground and destabilise The Clan.

To do this, you will have to first make allies with the local underground scene by carrying out a whole lot of missions and tests. 

Payback seems to take up the previous Need For Speed ​​approach, which distinguished speed, style, risk taking, etc. Something that is new in the series is the ability to break in to trailer trucks to steal their contents, even when they are on the move. Did someone say “Fast & Furious”?

The Cars

Electronic Arts has told us that it will soon reveal the complete list of cars that we can expect on Need for Speed Payback . Some of the cars that we know will be in the game include the Nissan 350Z (2008), the Chevrolet Camaro SS (1967), the Dodge Charger R/T (1969), the Ford F-150 Raptor (2016) and the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport as EA has stated that if you pre-order the game you will have instant access to them.

Additionally the latest images unveiled by the publisher also feature a Nissan Skyline R-34, which should occupy a prominent place in the game.


Images: © Electronic Arts.