A new battery that gives you a week of autonomy?

As we know, the problem of our super-connected society is the battery of our devices. Often, you need to have a charger with you to be able to use your phone throughout the day. Several teams of researchers around the world are working to propose new options. It is the University of Florida that this time has unveiled a supercapacitor 20 times more efficient than conventional lithium batteries.

Charge your phone for only a few seconds to last for a week…

Phone Charging

The researchers say the battery will power the device for a week after being recharged for only a few seconds. An innovation allowed by the very nature of the battery. It would be able to immediately store energy statically. Current models use chemical components that extend the charge time. Using the term battery is somewhat reductive to designate the project. It is actually a supercapacitor that could be recharged up to 30,000 times without loss of efficiency. For the technology we use today, a loss of quality appears from 1500 refills. Constructed of graphene, it would not be bigger than a nail and as thin as a sheet of paper, a prospect more than interesting for manufacturers.

However like many models recently presented, the super-battery of the University of Florida is still at the concept stage. It will now be necessary to develop a prototype capable of convincing industrialists to switch to large-scale production. A process that can take several years. Recently, many such projects have been unveiled. Thus, Chinese manufacturer Huawei unveiled two prototypes for ultra-fast refills, one of which allowed to recharge 68% of the battery in 2 minutes. But no large-scale production schedule had yet been unveiled.