Piaggio Gita: The robot that carries your shopping

The Italian vehicle manufacturer Piaggio, well known for its range of Vespa scooters is embarking on a new adventure. Meet Gita, a mini-robot that follows you everywhere and carries your shopping for you.

The Piaggio Gita is primarily intended to carry objects, such as shopping or personal items. The robot travels on two wheels and can carry up to 18 KG. It’s equipped with cameras and sensors to identify and follow its owner.

The robot can be paired with a smartphone to be controlled via the myGita app, and also integrates a Bluetooth speaker and a USB port to charge your smartphone.

The Gita can last for 4 hours

Storage compartment on the Piaggio Gita
Storage compartment on the Piaggio Gita

The robot nevertheless has some limitations, since it is limited to a slope of 16% and can not climb stairs. It is intended to follow a person who walks, its maximum speed is about 10 kilometers per hour. According to Piaggio the battery offers a four-hour battery life and can be fully charged in two hours.

The Italian company had previously presented a prototype of its robot in 2017, at the time the robot was able to reach 35 kilometers per hour, but the firm has now decided to focus on functionality. This new version of the Gita robot will be available from November 18 at a price of 3,250 dollars (£2,527) and will come in three colors: red, gray and blue.

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