PNL: The duo taking the french rap by storm

They may not be well know here in the UK or in the US but the French rap group PNL consisting of 2 brothers have surpassed standards in France by bringing a completely new concept to the french rap and potentially the global rap. Their music videos which are very popular on Youtube bring a very authentic experience as they show breathtaking scenery from around the world and at the same time the music covers various subjects including poverty, politics and their personal life.

What’s inspiring about the group is they are actually independent but that didn’t stop them from topping the iTunes chart with their first album entitled Le Monde Chico.

If that wasn’t enough their music is also topping the charts on youtube, the track ‘le Monde ou Rien’ meaning the world or nothing has recorded over 59 million views to date. If you haven’t already discovered PNL here’s one of their popular tracks entitled ‘Oh Lala’.

The two rappers have released another album “‘Dans la légende’, unveiled on September 16. Things had already started well, since just two months after the release the two brothers in the group Ademo and N.O.S have sold over 100,000 copies and they are still not signed to any record label.