TechCrunch-CLI: Read the latest news from your terminal

If you’re working in an open plan office and looking for an ingenious way to fool your employer that you’re hard at work, then TechCrunch-CLI may just be the perfect solution for you.

Those who work with code on a frequent basis are sure to appreciate the forward thinking of Kosuke Yoshimura, the developer of TechCrunch-CLI for his innovative interface which is sure to appeal to developers and hipsters alike.

You can now easily browse and read articles from TechCrunch in text mode from your terminal. So, if your line manager or employer is walking past your desk, at first glance they’ll never be able to tell that you’re reading news articles in text mode. With plenty of juicy tech-related content featured on TechCrunch, you’ll be able to easily break up the workplace monotony.

How to install TechCrunch-CLI?

Article view from the terminal interface

Installing the TechCrunch interface on PC is easy, all you need to do is download a simple NPM package via GitHub, or if you’re working on a Mac, install the Node.js package by using Homebrew. If you’re already this running you can install the TechCrunch-CLI package by simply running the following command from your terminal, “npm install -g techcrunch-cli.

Navigating the interface may be slightly more complex than using the traditional website. Yet, for those who are familiar with commands, it’s a walk in the park! The “tc top” command will load up the most recent articles on the website which will appear in a scrollable list. To browse the articles, simply use the up and down arrows – fresh content is uploaded daily, so you’ll never be stuck for fun, exciting and trending articles to read whilst you give yourself a much needed break from the demands of your job.

Once you have found an article you’d like to read, just press enter, then the text view of the article will appear on the plain black background. Reading the text may be a little more difficult than reading on TechCrunch’s website, and you won’t be able to enjoy pictures, but that’s a small price to pay for not getting caught browsing the web when you’re supposed to be hard at work on a deadline. The Links are easily distinguishable from the rest of the text as they are included in brackets.

If you’re looking for something particular on the TechCrunch website, just type the “tag <searchterms…>” into the interface. This will bring up all the most recent articles which have been published on your chosen topic.

The project may be suited to a very niche audience of programmers, developers and coders, yet that hasn’t hindered the popularity of the interface. Many people are also enjoying the simple experience of reading from a text browser for a hit of online nostalgia.