PSX 2017: The Forest announced & will arrive on PS4 in 2018

Sony has unveiled this weekend at it’s annual PlayStation Experience (PSX) event the release of several games, including the Forest, which will arrive on PlayStation 4 in spring 2018.

The Forest is a survival-horror game that has been available as early access on Steam (gaming platform for desktop) since 2014, will soon be released on PS4 due to its huge success. The arrival of The Forest was announced this weekend at the PSX 2017 with a new multiplayer trailer.


The concept of the game is very much like the TV series Lost, the player has to learn to survive in a deserted forest after his plane crashes, you will need to perform essential tasks such as hunting, harvesting and building shelters. However players will soon realise that they are not alone in the vast forest.

This game stands out from its competitors thanks to its open world style, there is no kind of direction, no specific quest or clear story to follow, only your survival instinct will help you during this long adventure. The game really leaves it up to the player to make his path.

The announcement of The Forest at the PSX this weekend has not made it clear wether the game on PS4 will launch as full or early access title.