Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Apple iPhone X

The recent unveiling of the latest Samsung smartphone brought on a direct competition between the two biggest, smartest phones – The Note 9 and the iPhone X.  How do these super phones compare to each other? Is the Note 9 an equal match for the iPhone or does one surpass the other? Let’s take a thorough analysis of their vital specifications.

The Battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a massive 4000mAh battery that will easily allow for a full day use on a single charge. The iPhone X’s 2716mAh battery is more than 30% smaller in capacity in comparison to the one on the Note 9. Although the Galaxy Note 9 has a much larger screen size and higher screen resolution, we believe the difference in capacity should give it the edge over the iPhone X’.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Both Smartphones feature a 12-megapixel dual-lens camera with wide angle and zoom lens. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an 8 megapixels front facing camera compared to the 7 megapixels on the iPhone. While the Galaxy Note 9 boasts of a flaw detection feature,  the iPhone X has precise facial mapping and deep sensing features. Both phones offer Dual optical image stabilization feature as well as exposure compensation.

Winner: Draw


Is there any contest here? Certainly not. The Note 9 comes in two versions, 128GB and 512GB, both offering up to 1TB of external storage. With its 64GB and 256 GB options, the iPhone X falls short considerably.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9


With a 6.4 inches screen size and a 2,960 x 1,440 screen resolution compared to the iPhone’’s 5.8 inches (2,436 x 1,125) screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers a more powerful display. Although, the Note 9 lacks the notch feature, it won’’t be missed given the criticism it has drawn. The Galaxy Note 9 also features the S Pen stylus, which offers more touch precesion.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9


the entry versions of the Note 9 and iPhone X are priced at £899 and £999 respectively, making the latest Galaxy a £100 cheaper, even thou it’s been released about a year after.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Overall Verdict

With a higher battery capacity, storage, memory and a lower price stag, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has better key specs than the iPhone X. However, these specs are only on paper. It remains to be seen, wether the Note 9 will deliver when it arrives on August 24.

Also Apple is expected to release a new iPhone this September, how will that compare to the Note 9? we can only wait and see!