Sony PS4 Pro: what you need to know

Available in the UK since 10 November, the PS4 Pro from Sony brings the long awaited 4K resolution and promises improved gaming performance. Before you go off selling off your old PS4 to get the Pro, here’s what you need to know about Sony’s latest console.

Currently if you want to enjoy 4K gaming you will need to invest in a highly expensive gaming PC or possibly wait for Microsoft’s Scorpio project next year, the solution proposed by Sony with the PS4 Pro seems the most reasonable and interesting at the moment and with it being priced only £90 more compared to the classic PS4, it is certainly reasonably priced.

© Playstation

The PS4 Pro is slightly heavier but this is because the processor is 1.3 times faster, the GPU goes to 4.20 TFLOPS and the RAM has 24% more bandwidth and 512MB more allocable memory. In addition to being able to display games differently as detailed below, these improvements should allow slight improvements during the navigation in the interface and the apps of the console or at the level of loading time.

You will of course need a 4K TV  to make the most of the consoles capabilities. However, if you have a classic Full HD TV, the performance gain can also be interesting, especially if you enjoy playing at more than 30 frames per second. Finally, owners of a PlayStation VR headset will also enjoy enhanced performance for a more engaging experience. Video in 4K via YouTube and Netflix (applications are under development) will also be part of the game. What partially compensate for the lack of a 4K Blu-Ray player.

However all this has a cost, since the power consumption of the PS4 Pro is greater than that of the previous model you may find that it heats up more.

PS4 Pro Controller
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To accompany the PS4 Pro, Sony offers a new iteration of its controller Dualshock 4. Almost nothing changes except the addition of a luminous border on top and communication support in USB in addition to Bluetooth. The controller works with older models of PS4 and conversely the first version of the Dualshock 4 works on PS4 Pro.