Spotify Wrapped: What were your favourite songs in 2018?

We spend a lot of out time throughout the year listening to music, wether its in the gym, car or at home, and with online streaming services like Spotify music is even easier to access.

How many times do you think back to try and remember the name of that song you had on constant replay? Look no further!

Spotify has you covered with its yearly Spotify Wrapped microsite, the service looks at your listening habits in 2018 to provide you with your personalized playlist and some interesting facts.

When you first launch Spotify Wrapped, you will be prompted to login with your Spotify account so that the service can analyze your activity. Within a couple of seconds you will be presented with a summary of your yearly activity in an interactive powerpoint style format.

The summary includes some interesting facts, like the first track you listened to in 2018, your favourite artist and much more. But we won’t spoil all the fun for you, go ahead and discover it for yourself by visiting Spotify Wrapped.

Once you go through all the slides on the microsite you will be presented with “your top 2018 songs” playlist which you can save to your Spotify account.

Campaigns like this are a great way for Spotify to end the year by keeping users engaged and ultimately retaining them for the upcoming year. However, Spotify knows that competition will be tough in 2019 with services like Deezer, Tidal and Mflow all trying to knock the leader in music streaming off its throne.